Letting Go of Blame

letting go

I woke this morning to a message from a client that moved me deeply. It was clear that he had hit another heavy wave of incredible pain as a result of the “beginning of the end” of his marriage. His message was riddled with self-doubt and the weight of blame from himself and his spouse. […]

Fear Less, Love More: A Place of Faith

fear less, love more

In working with my clients–men and women of all ages–I so often find that invisible fears are at the root of the client’s issues. What is it about our fears that has us so attracted to them, so intent on remaining strangled and confused by them? We are too often content to remain in a […]

How to Leave a Review

To rate our podcast “5-stars” on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser please scroll to the corresponding instructions below. All other platforms do not have ratings or reviews for podcasts on their apps. Apple Podcasts First, ensure that you are signed in by clicking the Account menu at the top of your screen and selecting your Apple ID. Next, click […]

Love Torture? Body Image and Self-Confidence Behind the Scenes! Part One

The Joys of Self-Torture

Feeling Tortured by Your Wardrobe? Does Your Body Image and Self-Esteem Beg for Relief? As a clinical psychologist and, more important, as a woman, I know the vital importance of a healthy body image, good self-confidence, and super self-esteem. As a result, being tortured by myself–or anything–is something I strive to avoid. Of course, torture […]

Suffering from Burn-Out? 9 Hot Tips for Noticing and Decreasing the Burn-Out Threat!


If you’re struggling with ongoing stress and exhaustion, you might take comfort in knowing that ‘burn-out’ is now officially recognized as an occupational phenomenon. Making headway in the ongoing campaign to recognize and prevent the often-debilitating effects of burn-out, The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that burn-out is an occupational syndrome worthy of heightened […]

Embracing Your Life Journey: The Key of Self-Compassion


Are you hard on yourself? Do you find that you judge your progress or pace if life? Is your inner voice telling you that you’re not “there” yet, but that you should be? If this sounds familiar, now’s the perfect moment to pause to give yourself some much-deserved compassion and loving kindness by expanding your […]