Aging Joyfully

by Carla Marie Manly, PhD

How does a woman embrace her maturity with joy and strength when her body and life changes year to year? Clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly provides an important and meaningful window into womanhood for those approaching fifty and beyond.

A must-read book for every woman who wants to embrace aging,?Aging Joyfully?touches the sensitive reality of the transition from a life filled with new beginnings to a graceful process filled with freedom, beauty, and joy. With a focus on making each day matter,?Aging Joyfully?guides the reader into creating a beautiful awareness and appreciation of the aging process.?Aging Joyfully?is a loving, supportive guide for a woman s individual aging journey, yet it also lends itself to communal discovery within women s workshops, book clubs, and support groups.

Joy from Fear

by Carla Marie Manly, PhD

If you find yourself running away from fear, you?re running in the wrong direction. Fear demands that we move toward it, face it, and hear its messages. When we fail to do this, the price is chronic anxiety, sleeplessness, damaged relationships, skyrocketing pharmaceutical use, and more. In her enlightening book?Joy from Fear,?clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly explains that fear is not the enemy we thought it was; fear, when faced with awareness, is the powerful ally and best friend we all need.


Dr. Manly?s work is firmly based in science but goes far beyond presenting the dry facts.?Joy from Fear?offers page after page of real-life examples, insights, easy-to-use tools, and life-changing exercises. Coining the term?transformational fear, Dr. Manly illuminates the importance of embracing fear?s messages for a transformed life filled with freedom and lasting happiness.

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