Love Torture? Body Image and Self-Confidence Behind the Scenes! Part One

The Joys of Self-Torture

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Feeling Tortured by Your Wardrobe? Does Your Body Image and Self-Esteem Beg for Relief? As a clinical psychologist and, more important, as a woman, I know the vital importance of a healthy body image, good self-confidence, and super self-esteem. As a result, being tortured by myself–or anything–is something I strive to avoid. Of course, […]

Embracing Your Life Journey: The Key of Self-Compassion


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you hard on yourself? Do you find that you judge your progress or pace if life? Is your inner voice telling you that you’re not “there” yet, but that you should be? If this sounds familiar, now’s the perfect moment to pause to give yourself some much-deserved compassion and loving kindness by expanding your […]

Are You Ready for Some Serious Self-Work? 6 Steps to Discovering if You’re Ready for Change

ready for change

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Changing your life for the better sounds exciting and wonderful, doesn?t it?  It can be fun to dream about getting more empowered, going after that awesome job, or finding (and being) a really great partner.  It?s lovely to imagine creating your own business, getting more education, or having a less-stressed life. It?s easy to get […]

7 Easy-to-Use Tips to Boost Self-Awareness and Reduce Stress

boost self-awareness reduce stress

If you find yourself immersed in a stress-filled life, you?re not alone. Our lives are often filled with a sense of chaos from morning until night. Sadly, even our sleep is often disrupted by anxious thoughts or worried spells of wakefulness.? You might find yourself thinking, ?Why is my life so stressful and out of […]

The Appreciation Habit

The Appreciation Habit

A feeling of being underappreciated is one of the chief complaints I hear when working with couples. Both men and women commonly tell me that their loved ones seem to take their efforts for granted. A sense of not being appreciated can take a toll on even the best of marriages. A meaningful expression of […]

Love Shouldn?t Make You Black and Blue


I believe with all my being that love is the greatest gift we have to offer.? In my eyes, love is our greatest power, our greatest strength, and our greatest treasure. ?Without love, I believe we have nothing. ?Love allows us to rise up and ever strive to become our best. The gift of love […]

Learning to Find Myself?Again!

Learning to Find Myself?Again!

It is a delightful September evening, and I feel the embrace of autumn in the air. I study the beautiful face before me. Soft rays of fading sunlight stream across her skin. Her dark hair shines and dances in the soft breeze. Her deep brown eyes are luminous, warm, and open. Her eyes and her […]