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Tired of striving to be perfect? Looking to find perfect love or trying to give perfect love?  Let go of the impossible! No one is perfect. It’s giving and receiving our very best imperfect love that brings joy, success, and fulfillment. 

Join Dr. Carla Marie Manly on the Imperfect Love podcast and discover how to transform love’s struggles and flaws into uplifting growth.  Dr. Carla, renowned psychologist, author, and self-fulfillment expert, guides you with wit and ease using her empowering, loved-based approach. Each episode leaves you stronger and more capable of accepting your imperfections and those of others while you grow from these challenges. Find the power to break free from whatever holds you back.  Discover how to channel your worries and self-criticism into positive energy. Give and receive the love that is right for you–with all its human imperfections. 

No subject is off-limits including dating, red flags, toxic dynamics, dead-end relationships, emotional intelligence (EQ), hookup culture, sex, attachment issues, emotional health, self-esteem, body image, anxiety, depression, infidelity, betrayal, marriage, divorce, LGBTQIA2S+, situationships, parenting, empty nesting, grandparenting, burnout, shame, conflict, and everything in between.

Welcome Imperfect Love into your life by tuning in now at http://DrCarlaManly.com.

Disclaimer: This podcast is purely educational and is not a replace for professional psychological support. In case of emergency, contact your nearest hospital or emergency hotline such as “911” (US), “999” (UK), or “112” (EU).

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