The Huge Upsides of Domestically Committed Fatherhood with Expert Tim J. Myers

IAOL 13 | Fatherhood

Looking for ways to create equality and balance at home? It’s exhausting when household responsibilities aren’t divvied up fairly. Even in today’s world, women often handle more household and childrearing duties than their partners—even when they’re also working full time. Research consistently shows that a balance in family duties—and in a relationship as a whole—fosters […]

How to Prevent Sarcastic Communication from Destroying Your Marriage

prevent sarcastic communication from destroying your marriage

You’re not alone if you’ve exclaimed, “Hey! That’s not funny!” after bearing the brunt of a “joke” that doesn’t feel at all humorous to you. Words can injure relationships more than you might imagine. Many relationships are harmed by the long-lasting scars of verbal sparring. Often disguised as joking or bantering, derisive commentary poisons intimacy […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The First Quarter

newlywed the first quarter

Ahhhhh? the absolute bliss of being a newlywed! Every day is sheer perfection. Life couldn’t be rosier! I know that the honeymoon will never be over in my marriage! I’m laughing out loud, because–as most newlyweds like myself will attest– the early days of marriage are not always smooth. As you read, maybe you’ll find […]

10 Tips for a Sweet and Sexy Holiday Season

10 Tips for a Sweet and Sexy Holiday Season

We all love the sparkle and beauty of the winter holidays, yet this special season isn?t just about trimming the tree, eating sumptuous foods, and opening beautifully wrapped gifts. With romance in the air and warm fires aglow, there?s no time like the holiday season to spice things up! The hustle and bustle of the […]