Adventures of a Newlywed: They Lived Quirkily Ever After

quirkily ever after

It’s no wonder that many new (and old) couples become disillusioned when it comes to romantic love. We are raised on Disneyland images of Cinderella and stories of knights rescuing their fair maidens. It is easy to romanticize marriage and secretly expect a perfect journey of never-ending bliss! How enticing it is to believe that […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The Third Quarter

Newlyweds - the third quarter

As I continue to share my rather comical newlywed journey with you, I hope my experiences help normalize the vicissitudes that are a natural-if often stressful and disorienting-part of newlywed life. In the third segment of my series on newlywed life, I explore the idea of coming to terms with shifts in identity that can […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The Second Quarter

newlyweds - the second quarter

Ah, married life! It’s not a venture for the faint-hearted or uncommitted heart. It is, however, the perfect adventure for those inclined to create a work of art within the most sacred of personal relationships?marriage. Rilke famously quoted, “For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The First Quarter

newlywed the first quarter

Ahhhhh? the absolute bliss of being a newlywed! Every day is sheer perfection. Life couldn’t be rosier! I know that the honeymoon will never be over in my marriage! I’m laughing out loud, because–as most newlyweds like myself will attest– the early days of marriage are not always smooth. As you read, maybe you’ll find […]