Sex Wars: When Sex Is a Weapon In Your Marriage

sex is a weapon

When you first met your sweetheart, chances are that sexual attraction was part of the draw. Sexuality is a wonderful part of our humanness, yet its importance in the success of a relationship is often overlooked or simply avoided. In the months and years leading up to marriage, a couple?s sex life can be hot […]

The Sexless Marriage: Getting Reconnected

sexless marriage

“I can’t wait to see you tonight.” “Oh, I can’t get enough of you!” “I just want to kiss your face and touch your body!” Have phrases like this gone by the wayside? Do you wonder what happened to your spouse’s interest in sex? Is there an absence of desire and passion? Do you want […]

The Sexless Marriage: Why Sexual Intimacy Fades

sexless marriage - why intimacy fades

It feels so wonderful to be in love?especially during the early stages of a relationship. Before the reality of life sets in, the delights of new love and lust are tremendous. It?s wonderful to have the “high” of being connected and desired. It feels wonderful to experience the intense longing and desire that lead to […]

Sexless Marriage: Understanding Why Passion and Sex Die

Sexless Marriage: Understanding Why Passion and Sex Die

“Help! What?s gone wrong with my marriage? We used to be so passionate! The sex was hot and heavy. Now, our sex life is almost non-existent. If it goes on like this any longer, I don?t know what I?ll do.” When words of this sort pour from a client?s lips, I know there?s a lot […]